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Love is Simple in Sunnydale

Love is Simple in Sunnydale

I have been on a Buffy kick. A blast from the past in the form of a 90′s television show has shown me that they just don’t make vampire love stories like they used to. Buffy and Angel are the original lovers, a vampire cursed with a soul and a slayer. So superior to Bella and Edward, a high school girl with no combat skills and a vegetarian vampire. No matter how many deer Edward sucks dry to keep himself alive he will never be Angel. Bruiting, protective, and jealous they have in common. Wisdom and intelligence is where Angel trumps. Plus he has the witticism of his ironic name and a better back story.

Angel vampire versus Edward vampire – Joss Whedon versus Stephenie Meyer. I choose the story shaped on vampires as demons who deform instead of sparkle. The love story with the kick ass female empowerment theme. And the one where tacky leather jackets and flipped out Jennifer Aniston hairdos were still in fashion.

Plus you can’t beat a plot line that lasts for seven seasons with a constant onslaught of demons and a town called Sunnydale on the cusp of the hellmouth.

my guilty pleasure crush and addiction of the moment: he may be fictional, and a nearly 300 year old vampire, but he is an escape from reality for a lonely, single gal