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My Secret is Safe with Me

My Secret is Safe with Me

when yu know you know, one day I will mean those words

Sunday is my favorite day of the week. When I was in school I used to hate it. It was either a heavy homework day (due to procrastination) or it was an anxious day (due to the anticipation of a week of homework). One would think the pattern would continue, that I would continue to dread Sunday even more once in the working world because it is my last day of relaxation prior to a week of 9 to 5 work. But this surprisingly is not the case. I love Sunday now.

It is not just my lazy day, it is my secret day, among other things as well. My me day happens to coincide with Post Secret’s day of new secrets. Every Sunday I read the new secrets hoping to find one that resonates with me. And usually I find exactly what I am looking for. By my own current struggle one may assume that I only resonate with love secrets, this may be the furthest thing from the truth. My issues with love don’t stem from bad boyfriend experience or negative connotations of what love is. They are within me, which means my other secrets, my little quirks and quiet thoughts are what end up defining me. The little things that I think, harmful or innocent, the things I tell no one, are the things I want to one day feel comfortable sharing completely.

One day my simple hope is that I can tell someone all these little things, or better yet they will just know them. Either that or I will eventually have to send my own, lengthy Post Secret in.